Holiday on Katschberg 2.-12.8.2010

We have booked in Hotel Hinteregger in the ski region of Katschberg to do dayly walks in the surroundings. Katschberg (1.641 m) is the pass between Salzburg“s Lungau and the Lieser valley in Carinthia. On its top, multiple hotels have been erected following the establisment of the large skjiing area around. So, the pass nowadays is a small hotel village with tourist information, shops and even a cash machine.

2.8.2010 - with the cable car on the Aineck (2.210 m) and walking back down over the skiing piste to Katschberg.

3.8.2010 - in the afternoon after the rain a short walk on Tschaneck (2.024 m) and to the Gon dale scar (1.911 m)

4.8.2010 - from  Hintermuhr (Moritzenalm) to the orifice of the river Mur

7.8.2010 - Kareck (2.481 m)

8.8.2010 - from Hintermuhr (Arsene hut) to Rotguelden lake (1.739 m)

9.8.2010 - from the Kramer hut on Maltaberg (1.604 m) on the Reitereck (2.792 m)

10.8.2010 - to the huge dam of the Malta water power plant and to the cascades and becks of the Malta valley

11.8.2010 - to Kochloeffel hut in Poella dale