Working "Holiday" Innsbruck/Sellrain 1.7. to 6.7.2006

A one day´s course in the Innsbruck University hospital, followed by several days of study, brought the opportunity to make use of the long days and see the surroundings at least for a few hours. I found accomodation in Sellrain (subdistrict Tauegert) at an altitude of 1.100 m and commute 19 km to Innsbruck every day. 7 to 9 hours a day are dedicated to my studies, the rest is free time.

Saturday, 1.July 2006: Short evening bike ride to Gries in Sellrain

Sunday, 2. July 2006: Praxmar - Zischgeles (3.004 m)

Monday 3. July 2006: Short evening bike ride Stieglreith - Tiefental

Tuesday 4. July 2006: Evening walk Kemater Alm - Adolf Pichler Huette - Sonntagskoepfl (2.096)

Wednesday 5. July 2006: Morning walk Sonnberg above Sellrain - Rosskogel (2.646 m) - Krimpenbachalm - Tiefental - Hinterburg - Tauegert