Unterberg 5.2.2010

After my cross country ski tour on Feb 1st I run the same on Feb. 2nd. This time it is snowing dense, so I did not take the camera with me. At my arrival in in Rohr, I had a phone call to my wife, who got me from there with the car: a thick layer of snow was sticking to the sole of my skis, and reappeared after removing after only 100 m of running. Furthermore, I got open blisters on both heels, which kept me from joing the family for the next two days. Only on Feb. 5th I rejoined them; it is misty, but there is some hope for sun above the mist, which creates the idea to try a walk up Unterberg. Due to my blister experience, I dont take the cross country skis but walk from the head of the valley above Rohr (where our friends are dwelling), there are about 500 metres of ascent.


Arrived in the other valley, only some 2 km beeline from Furntnerīs skiing centre, no more mist at all.

No sun however in this narrow valley at this time of the day - 9 a.m.

Much more up, I see the sun.

2 1/2 hours later, high clouds have appeared. The ski track I used was reasonably walkable, but shame it ended about 5 (snow free!) walking mintes before Unterberg house. The reason was clear: deep snow drifts. This short distance took me nearly an hour due to the fact that I had to struggle through snow reaching to the hip in some places.

The little mountain church near Unterberg house, Hohe Wand and Schneeberg. Still some mist in the dales, although there is no sun above.

Unterberg house far left behind the trees, in the background Hohe Wand - as seen from its "backside". The prominent mountain in the sea of mist looks like Schober.

Zooming in on Schneeberg ...

 ... and once more from more above.

Unterberg summit viewing north. Somewhere beneath the mist should be the city of Vienna.

360 degree panoramic picture from Unterberg summit. Click here or inside the picture for a larger version.

Zooming in on Schneeberg. For me, an unusual perspektive.

I canīt identify this mountain.

Zoomin in on Oetscher (1.893 m), unmistakeable; like Schneeberg, it is much higher than its surrounding neighbours.