Duerre Wand - Oehler and Schober 24.1.2008

Today I have a bit more time in the morning, making possible a longer walk. So I drive to Puchberg and walk through the upper Sierning dale and up to the ridge of Duerre Wand to the inn called Oehlerhuette (closed in winter), then up on Oehler (1.183 m) and Schober (1.218 m), further on to the grassland called Mamauwiese and down to the waterfall and via the valley back to Puchberg, 4 h 45 min. walking and about 800 m ascent.

I park the car near Puchberg´s railway station.

On my way to Sierning dale a few views on Schneeberg , ...

 ... which has a cloud hat at the moment.

Sheila enjoys the beck ...

Now the valley gets narrow.

Where the valley makes a curve to the left, I branch off to the right and walk up to the ridge with Oehlerschutzhaus. Schneeberg soon can once more be seen, this time without a cloud.

Up through dense forest.

The path is not too steep.

A small plateau up there.

Small amounts of freshly fallen snow.

View back through the Sierning dale to Puchberg

Once more a cloud on Schneeberg.

From Oehlerschutzhaus there is a good view to Unterberg.

Now along the ridge, first on Oehler. Numerous huge snow drifts with stiffly frozen snow, good for walking over it without breaking through.

Excellent view to Schneeberg from here.

Still this cloud is hanging.

Heading for my next goal: Schober.

Oetscher (1.893 m) is greeting from afar, at a distance of about 50 km air line.


Now the view goes over Puchberg to Bucklige Welt and the Rosalia mountains (far left on the horizon).

Zooming in on Bucklige Welt, the highest summit on the horizon is Stickelberg (881 m), between the villages of Hollenthon and Lichtenegg.

Now the ridge becomes much more rocky, the path circumvents these difficulties on the right side beneath the rocky escarpments.

No view from the forested summit of Schober.

Now the route leads steeply down to the mountain pasture called Schoberalm, behind this grassland is another big one called Mamauwiese.

Panoramic view from the western escarpments of Schober (1.218 m). Click into the picture for a larger version

Rocky parts of the slope.

Schoberalm and Schneeberg

A small Chapel on Schoberalm, with Schober behind.

Schoberalm and Schober

Mamauwiese comprising a large plateau. In summer this view looks very different.

Mamauwiese´s inn on an altitude of 957 m.

On the outskirts of the grassland in the shadow still a bit more snow ...

 ... and a thin cover of ice on this small fishing pond.

Now descending along this beck arising on and flowing from Mamauwiese.

Icy plants in shadowy forest

Near the valley ground this small cascade.

Icicles in shadowy rock parts. Nor more ice due to the recent warm weather.

Now walking about 4 km back to Puchberg through this broad valley , ...

 ... majestically surmounted by Schneeberg.

First signs of spring near the path ...

 ... and in my garden: winter anemones (pictures from 25.1.2008)