Masenberg 2010

Mr. Helmut Terler, dwelling on Styria´s Masenberg, has discovered my  Page on Masenberg from last year and sent me a mail with some stunning pictures attached. Hoarfrost has been there like it was on Hohe Wand, where I have been. With his consent, I load up the pictures here, without a special sequence, only with the captions Helmut Terler has added. The pictures however are speaking for themselves. Thank you very much!

Summit cross on Masenberg

The chapel "Glueckskapelle" on Masenberg

View from Masenberg to Hochwechsel

View from Masenberg to Rax

View from Masenberg to Stuhleck

The hut on Masenberg (near the summit)

Masenberg´s Olmstoll

Wayside shrine near Zisser´s tavern

Ringwarte (view tower), above Hartberg

The church of Poellauberg

The Poellau valley in the mist.