Masenberg 6.2.2009

A familiy holiday in the thermic spa at Waltersdorf. Because I do not want to hang around all the time, I decide to do a walk on both days. For today, I have chosen Masenberg near Hartberg. I have to drive along the highway for 10 km till Hartberg.

First, I drive up the mountain near Hartberg. A bit of morning dust over the town.

I drive up to about 850 m above sealevel and start my walk from there, first on the road, then on snow covered paths up to the summit. After a few metres this nice view down to the pilgrimage church of Poellauberg, which will be accompanying me most of the day.

View over Poellauberg to the Fischbach Alps.

A bit more northern zooming in to more steep (limestone) mountains, maybe the Hochschwab massive (left) and Veitsch (right).

Once more a view to the Fischbach Alps, far right the mountains depicted in the picture above.

View over the Poellau dale to Rabenwaldkogel.

Once more Poellauberg. I shall come very close to it on my walk today.

Further up on snow covered paths.

Last mountain farms.

From the ridge of Masenberg there is a fine view to the north, over the village of Vorau to the Hochwechsel region.

Panoramic view from Masenberg over Vorau. Click here or into the picture for a larger version

Panoramic view from the parking ground of the Olmstoll inn, near Masenberg summit. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

In the middle of the panorama Stuhleck (1.782 m) with two buildings on the summit: The summit station of the skiing lifts and Alois Guenther - Haus.

Ther summit cross on Masenberg, 1.261 m

Once more a view over Vorau to Stuhleck (left) and Hochwechsel (right). In between a summit from behind, with an unmistakeable profile:  ...

 ... Schneeberg, with its 2.075 m high enough to be visible behind the Hochwechsel ridge.

Now the steep descent to approach Poellauberg.

A hunters´ hut on the way.

Snow is melting in the sun ...

 ... casting streams of melting water rinsing over the roads.

Poellauberg is quite close now.

I don´t have time for sightseeing in the church, I now have to walk along the mountain back to the car. I have underestimated this part of the walk, which at least took me 1 1/2 hours.

The hamlet of Hausberg, with Masenberg behind, in a panoramic view. The road I have to walk back to my car is leading to that small indentation of the ridge near the right edge of the picture. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Poellauberg now more ...

 ... distant.

Commemorative wayside shrine along the way.

Shortly before the last reascent to the car, a view back to Poellauberg. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.