Walk 7.1.2007

Today it is even warmer than yesterday, nearly a bit weird: 14 C, and the sun is shining, higher summits being in clouds however. Only the wind, which is a bit stronger at times, can prevent going out without a jacket. A short walk with the dog, near the outskirts of Winzendorf.

180 degree panoramic shot taken from the allotments near Winzendorf. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Of course Sheila jumps into the beck immediately.

Do I get the stick now ...

... ? come one, I´ll get you out !!!

Ok, then shaking out the pelt ...

 ... and wallowing in the grass, then I´m fine at least ...

 ... in the meantime, my owner has a look at Schneeberg

Winzendorf with ruin Emmerberg, Hohe Wand in behind, this year devoid of any snow.

Panoramic view from the same place: far left Schneeberg, followed by Mitterberg, Prosset gorge and Schlossberg. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Once more Winzendorf, Hohe Wand in shadow now

A stable cloud is wrapping Schneeberg´s summit.

An old willow, already afflicted by tree sponges.

The bridge over Frauenbeck, serving as favorite ramp when jumping into the water.

Reed seeds are shining in the sun

Fischauer mouintains in the background with Groessenberg (behind the left group of trees)