Groessenberg 6.1.2007

Being unusually warm since weeks, I make use of the weather and do a speedy morning´s walk of 2 1/2 hours with some jogging passages in between. Starting from Winzendorf through vineyards in direction Bad Fischau, then ascending to the summit of Groessenberg, further on to Muthmannsdorf´s disused marble quarry, Schlossberg and above Winzendorf´s big disused limestone quarry back to Winzendorf.

Near the outskirts of Winzendorf, view to Schlossberg

Vineyards and fields, on top of the ridge the disused marble quarry.

Sunny spells at times.

View over Winzendorf to Semmering.

When the sun is shining, ...

 ... the colours ...

 ... suddenly ...

 ... begin to shine.

Once more a view over Winzendorf, this time from a bit higher up.

Panoramic view from the same place, to the left the southern parts of Wiener Becken. Click into the picture for a larger version.

On Groessenberg summit: a shower impairs the view to Hohe Wand.

On the upper edge of the marble quarry is a beautiful view place with a bench to rest: Behind the quarry is Winzendorf, on the horizon Wechsel and Semmering.

View to Rosalia and Bucklige Welt: some more showers, whereas ...

the view to Hohe Wand (a bit higher up, on the opposite side of the ridge) is already free, ...

though Schneeberg is still wrapped in clouds.

Sunny spell on Krumbachstein.

On Schlossberg summit, above the big disused limestone quarry: last view to Schneeberg ...

 ... and Wechsel, sunny too. At this point my wife calls me on the mobile, because she is standing at the locked door with the kids, without a key. The rest of the route is fast running therefore, taking me only 11 minutes till home.