Morning Walk 8.11.2005

Still it is exceptionally mild this year according to the season. Being so dry, there are sunny days because there is not enough moisture for mist to form. We start for a morning walk around Mitterberg near Winzendorf.

Cosmea still flourishing in my garden

The small park in Winzendorf near the primary and secondary school

On the area of the former playing ground. We walk there on Mathildensteig. In the background the spire of the old village church.

The walnut trees have already lost all their leaves.

The stretch of the railway line to Puchberg on Schneeberg

Ascenting through the pine forest to Waldandacht.

Shortly before the small meadow near Waldandacht.

Inside the forest there are  ...

... charming light effects today.

Our path now leads down the mountain on the opposite side, heading for Netting; however, we turn to the right and walk on the slopes of Mitterberg to Teichmuehle. View to Hohe Wand and Stollhof.

Netting, behind is Kienberg, Hohe Wand to the right.

A short glimpse on Schneeberg in the background

Near Teichmuehle at the entrance of Prosset gorge. On the opposite side Ruin Emmerberg ...

 ... and in between the pines a view to Hohe Wand with Stollhof in the foreground

We now walk through the forest on the right slope of Prosset - gorge back to Winzendorf.

A prominent view point on half way of the Prosset gorge is called "Steinernes Bankerl" ("stone bank"), an exposed crag with a big rock giving a good sitting place at one point.

The oaks have already lost many of their leaves.


View to the opposite valley side

We now once more reach the sunny side of the mountain. Here the forest shines and glitters ...

Back in Winzendorf near the park

Prosset gorge and ruin Emmerberg, as seen from near my house.

AT noon a short drive to Neunkirchen and Ternitz: Schneeberg, in some dust today.

Pond near Sankt Lorenzen

View from St. Lorenzen in direction Flatz and Flatzer wall. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Flatz and Flatzer Wall

Birches in a small alluvial forest near Dörfles.