Kienberg 22.2.2005

After 24 hours permanently snowing now about 20 cm of fresh snow, and the sun comes out. My walk leads from Netting to Kienberg (650 m)

Houses of Netting

View back to Netting

Greenland above Netting, View to Mitterberg

Feeding of game animals

The two riders leave a nice track - however I must leave it soon

"Fairy tale meadow" ...

Isnīt there a deer over there?

Deeply snowed black pine forest ...

On Kienberg summit

A glimpse to Hohe Wand

Here you should see Schneeberg ...

Snow cevered Verschneite stand of fruit of "Wald Brustwurz"

At least once keeping still...

Umbrella pine on Kienbergīs highest point

A glmpse to Zweiersdorf

Black pine, decades ago maltreated by resin collectors

Deeply snowed fir

On the descent short before Netting

Lonely house on the crag where Dachenstein castle once has been standing