Mamauwiese walk with the choir 6.9.2008

The annual walk with my choir, Singgemeinschaft Weikersdorf this year leads us from the railway station of Puchberg through the uppermost Sierning dale and the pasterures of Schoberalm to Mamauwiese, back via the waterfall and the nearby inn and over the flat fields back to Puchberg. Including many breaks with a longer stay and a good meal at the Waterfall Inn and a final ice cream in Puchberg we were out for 9 hours.

We gather at the parking ground behind the railway station of Puchberg.

Maria, the chair woman of the is studying the participants´ list: Everybody arrived and present?

Schneeberg looks down from the opposite side of the valley; however, we turn away from it ...

 ... and walk up into the uppermost Sierning dale. In due course we shall not see Schneeberg for a while.

Fruits capsules of thistles near the way.

We are now walking through a cool, narrow valley (good at this hot day with up to 30 C) ...

... to Schoberalm, ...

 ... where we ...

 ... have a short break with some refreshments.

Cattle on the pasture.

Wooly thistle (Cirsium eriophorum)

Schober, known to me from my walk in January 2008.

Over a small saddle we reach Mamauwiese. A huge mountain pasture area on a plateau at an altitude of about 950 m above sea level, with majestic Schneeberg behind.


Fruits of the thistle

Autumn crocuses (Colchica autumnale) are flourishing on Mamauwiese in huge amounts.

Rose hips, already red even in this altitude.

The inn on Mamauwiese. Here ve have a short rest on the grass nearby. While the others are sitting in the grass, I discover the surrounding:

Eyebright (Euphrasia species)

Austrian Gentian (Gentianella Austriaca)

Common Ciliated Gentian (Gentianopsis ciliata)

To be able to make pictures like those before you have to lay down deep ... (Picture: Marias Hartmann)

We now walk further over Mamauwiese and down the other valley ...

 ... to the waterfall

This moss-covered rock looks very different from its winter appearance.

After a long break with a good meal at the waterfall inn we walk through the wide valley down to Puchberg. Wonderful evening light on Schneeberg ...

 ... and elsewhere.