Schneeberg 12.7.2008

A sunny, hot day was forecast, but with heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon. A walk on Schneeberg, once more from Losenheim via Fadensteig.

Soon Schneeberg shows one of its best views.

Flowers bnear the path: Danewort (Sambucus ebulus)

Fuchs - Greiskraut (Senecio ovatus)

View back on Losenheim and the valley station of the chairlift with the water reservoir for arteficial snow on the ski piste in winter

The chair lift behind is Schneeberg with Laningries ("Laning" is a dialect expression for "Lawine" which means avalanche, and "Ries" means gully, so a proper translation would be "avalanche gully"; in fact, after much new snow having been fallen there are avalanches at times in winter, hence the name).


Monkīs hood (aconitum tauricum)

Musk Thistle (Carduus nutans subsp. nutans)

Different insects are interested in their blossoms ...

Edelweiszhuette near the summit station of the chair lift

Further up, the forest grassland with lots of St. Johnīs wort.

Alpen - Leimkraut (Heliosperma alpestre)

Spiked Rampion (Phyteuma spicatum ssp. spicatum)

Now I reached the rocky region. View back to Almreserlhaus.

Zooming in on Schober and Oehler, with the grassland of Schoberalm in front.

Clusius - Cinquefoil (Potentilla clusiana) growing in crevices

View to Unterberg

White Alpine poppies (papaver alpinum subsp. sendtneri) ...

 ... are growing largely here.

Pedunculated mouse-ear (Cerastium pedunculatum)

Hohe Wand in the distance ...

Now this is the edge of the plateau.

Einkorb - Ferkelkraut (Hypochaeris uniflora)

Multicoloured meadow ...

Laningries ("Avalanche gully"), as seen from above

Alpine Pink (Dianthus alpinus)

Alpine forget-me-not (Myosotis alpestris)

Alpine armeria (Armeria alpina), a plant that is closely related (if not identical!) to Thrift (Armeria maritima)

Spring Gentian (Gentiana verna)

"Thrift" ...

Clusius - Gamswurz (Doronicum clusii)

The summit cross of Schneeberg

The ridge from Schneeberg summit cross to Fischerhuette

View to southwest...

 ... into the "great hell dale" (Groszes Hoellental) ...

 ... and to the east to Fischerhuette

On the waste concrete after building the radar station and the helicopter landing platform, that had been dropped down the slope, this musk - saxifrage (Saxifraga moschata) is growing

View over the hellīs dale to Raxalpe

View over Puchberg am Schneeberg to Hohe Wand and over Viennaīs plain. The light stripe in the background is Lake Neusiedel

Zoomin in on the lake

Fischerhuette. Far behind in the dust is the city of Vienna.

Alpine "thrift" (Armeria alpina)

Fringed Sandwort (Arenaria ciliata)

Spring Gentian

In a hollow lots of Ladies mantle (Alchemilla sp.) is growing

Alpine Forget-me-not

Alpine Pink (Dianthus alpinus)

View in western direction, Oetscher (1,893 m) on the horizon.

Black Vanilla orchid (Nigritella nigra)

On the descent, back to the region of the Alpine white poppies. View to Hohe Wand.

Clusius - Cinquefoil (Potentilla clusiana)

Back at the thistles near Edelweiszhuette

Back down to Losenheim - an Austrian style stile.

Yellow Foxgloves (Digitalis grandiflora)


View back - first thunderclouds ...

 ... which will discharge in the evening: View from the window of my bathroom in direction Hohe Wand.