Lake Neusiedler/Seewinkel 3.9.2005

With Singgemeinschaft Weikersdorf this yearīs excursion leads us to Neusiedler lake: With bus to Moerbisch, then with the boat over the lake and from the landing stage with horse-drawn vehicle to Illmitz and to a  Heuriger and a cafe. A wonderful afternoon.

First glimpse on the lake near the village Rust

Near the landing stage: view over the lake in direction North.

Of course the ferry takes bicycles as well.

On the boat: chatting in a nice surrounding.

Bathing huts in the reed zone, behind is Moerbisch

Zooming in on Moerbisch. The reed zone is several kilometers wide.

Now out of the cove to the open water.

A second boat is following us.

Last reed islets

View in southern direction. After a few metres Hungarian territory begins.

A hungarian police boat ...

 ... and an Austrian one

View in direction Illmitz

Myriads of sailing boats ...

The second boat and a view back to Moerbisch

A Hungarian watch tower from the time of cold war

At this artificial concrete  island the boarder discribes a rectangular angle from the lower edge of the picture (middle) to the middle of the right edge, as shown by the coloured stripes.

Zoomin in on one of the sailing boats, in the background Rust and Leitha mountains.

In the background Moerbisch and the vineyards behind.

Panoramic shot of lake Neusiedel. This lake is Austriaīs largest lake and the third largest in middle Europe, measuring about 315 square kilometers (about 75 of which are situated in Hungary). Being a steppe lake, its depth is maximal 2 m. The length is 36 km and it is 6 to 12 km wide.Thge reed zone is up to 8 km wide. This area is very dry with only about 600 mm fallout, but 300 sunny days a year. Look at a satellite picture or click into the panorama for a larger version.

Near the landing stage at Illmitz

The landing stage at Illmitz

View back in western direction

Our horse-drawn vehicle is already awaiting us

And off we go.

The boat haven

On the way, first on the dam through the reed area

Endless reed ...

... in all directions

On land again: "Hutweide", a special form of pasture ...

 ... with lots of water puddles, a birdīs paradise

Typical pannonic reed hut and a draw well, relicts of former days

Huge vineyards behind

"Starlingfighter" - to disperse hungry starlings occuring in huge flocks, small, ultradeep flying planes are used.

 ... or the grapevines are imposed with nets.

Adding some person studies at the Heuriger ...