Drive into the snow 2005_11_29

Dense fog is hanging over Winzendorf. Schneeberg - Webcam however shows me that the mist ends near Gruenbach. So, on my way to Ternitz and Neunkirchen,  I make a detour via Grünbach and Puchberg.

The mist immediately comes to its end between Oberhoeflein and Gruenbach ...

 ... making free the view to Schneeberg (to the right Gelaend with its homonymeous lodge)

Gruenbach and Schneeberg

Panorama with Schneeberg, Gelaend and Hohe Wand, to the right the mist is hanging over Neue Welt and Willendorf. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Mist now draws up and inhibits a bit the view to Schneeberg ...

 ... but makes nice views on those fruit trees.

A bit further behind Gruenbacher Klause

Dogroses in the snow...

 .. and with hoarfrost ...

 ... and with a view to Schneeberg.

Hoarfrosted elder

Puchberg: A view to Himberg ...

 ... and Schneeberg, which is quite close here.

Vine arbour at Gasthof Schmirl  (a Fan of