Hohe Wand Gelaend 6.11.2005

The day starts dull but not rainy. A walk with the family and neighbours and their friends from Gruenbach on Gelaend

The path starts in the forest near Gruenbach´s sports fields. Most of the coloured leaves have fallen down.

View on Gruenbach from half way to Gelaend (Foto: Manfred Reichel)

Panorama from the same place. Click into the picture for a larger version.

The Gelaend hut on summit of Gelaend (1.026 m)

View over the edge of the escarpment from the small summit plateau (Foto: Manfred Reichel)

On the summit plateau: Cave bear and stone age hunter (some 10.000 years ago), reconstructed in original full scale. Fully erected the cave bear measured up to 3,60 m metres, whereas stone age men measured only 1,60 m in average.

Gelaende hut with the view to eastern direction (Foto: Manfred Reichel)

Gelaende hut with the view to eastern direction. To the right the village of Gruenbach. (Foto: Manfred Reichel)

The clouds tear apart for short and permit a view on  Schneeberg (2.076 m) In the foreground the rocks near Gelaende hut, behind is Puchberg.

During our comfortable lunch rest at the veranda of the lodge we can watch the clouds drawing.

Take off for the descent. Schneeberg is comlpetely covered by clouds now,

 ... and mist falls in to enwrap the summit. (Foto: Manfred Reichel)

On the descent to Rastkreuz a view into Miesenbach valley (the dale behind Hohe Wand) (Foto: Manfred Reichel)

Back, shortly above Gruenbach: an old winding tower of the abandoned coal mine