Saubersdorfer Fields 16.5.2019

After a rainy weekend, the sun is back, though still rather low temperatures, with morning frost in some places.

A walk to the fields at lunchtime, when it has got warmer. New snow on Schneeberg.

Bushes in flower down here.


Fields are farmed. Cannot be much of rain recently if soil is dusting after a single dry day.

St. Lucie sherries (Prunus mahaleb) in flower.

Where I walked in the winter over the ice of a frozen puddle, the water has dried or drained away, now there is grass growing with lots of cuckooflowers (Cardamine pratensis) taking advantage of the residual increased moisture.

Cuckooflowers (Cardamine pratensis) in violet.

Cuckooflowers (Cardamine pratensis) in light violet ...

 ... and in white.



King cups (Caltha palustris) near the water of the Mori beck.