Kienberg and Fields 5./6.2.2019

Sunshine at last and blue skies, albeit a bit dusty. A walk on Kienberg and the next day over the fields to St. Egyden.

After a start from Strelzhof/Willendorf at first I walk up to the Zweiwiese.

Hoarfrost in the grass, in shady places till lunchtime.

The Zweiwiese, a grassland situated on a high plateau between Willendorf and Höflein.

I have crossed the wooded ridge of the Zweiberg and now arrived on the summit of Kienberg.

The view to Schneeberg is a bit hazy today.

6.2.2019: An hour at lunchtime, on the fields to St. Egyden.

Still frosty in shady places.

The puddles still frosted, with only a thin layer of water above molten, in the sun.