Rohr im Gebirge 24.2.2008

One of many visits at friends in Rohr im Gebirge. Even in this mountainous area the winter snow has disappeared except small remainders. Furthermore, it is quite warm today, at home it was 15 C, here at least 10 C, and the sun is shining from a cloudless sky. Two years ago there were lots of snow here, even four weeks later in the year.

The impounded beck behind the house

I am walking a small bit into the forest ...

 ... to look for flowering Christmas Roses (Helleborus niger).

Still rests of snow here.

Many Christmas Roses in the forest.

In the meantime, the Ponies are being saddled.

A short walk along the valley ground, ...

 ... the kids may ride the distance.

The weir with a small waterfall.

Snow only where drifts have been.

The field on the opposite dale side is nearly completely devoid of snow.

Now I start for a walk up the ridge that can be seen on the picture with the pony rider above.

Huge lots of Christmas Roses in the forest.

I canīt stop delighting in them.

Very densely growing in some places.

I walk up till the prominent rock that can be seen right the centre of the before mentioned picture. The gravel road that leads behind the rock cannot be seen from the valley. Good view to Schneeberg from here ...

 ... which shows its northwestern slopes, as opposed to the northeastern escarpments seen from my home Winzendorf. Snow free areas even up there.

Many rocky escarpments between wooden hills.

I leave the gravel road and climb down the steep slope I have ascended before.

Once more huge lots of Christmas Roses.

On the dale ground snow in areas of permanent shadow, ...

 ... being seen behind the trees in the background.

Back at the farmyard, the sun is sinking behind the mountains, the others are going into the house just now as I arrive.

I am looking forward to a good afternoon coffee.