Rohr im Gebirge 19.3.2006

A visit to friends in Rohr im Gebirge. At the end of March there is still more than one metre of snow.

A few weeks ago a huge avalanche has been rumbling down of this roof. several rooftiles  were taken away with it.

Our car seems to be tiny behind these lots of snow.

Freezing water already has done some harm to the building.

This is the (northern) roof of the barn, as seen from the slope upside. The roof had to be supported on several places, and a (however rotten) beam betn and will have to be replaced.

Heaps of snow besides the street, several metres high.

Goos luck that theres is a snowplough ...

The cattle does not bother about the snow.

Deeply snow covered beck.

The bridge is covered with snow until near the reil.

Sheila´s just quiet a bit while the kids are sledging.

20.3.2006. In the morning Schneeberg looks impressive. So I have to stop and take a few fotos.

On the summit ridge near the tip of the arrow is Fischerhütte. Here are mounted the two cameras of Schneeberg Webcam.