Bicycle Tour Geschriebenstein 1.6.2005

Late afternoon I make up for a bicycle tour from Oberwart via St. Martin, Drumling, Neumarkt, Allersdorf, Weiden, Markt Neuhodis, Rechnitz and Geschriebenstein (highest mountain in Burgenland - 884 m) to Lockenhaus, via Langeck and Bernstein back to Bad Tatzmannsdorf, 69 km and about 1.200 m ascent.

Cultivated elder between Drumling and Neumarkt

Neumarkt. Compare to the pictures of 19.3.2005

Austrian Mayweed (Anthemis Austriaca) near the road between Allersdorf and Markt Neuhodis

Landscape between Markt Neuhodis and Rechnitz

Gewöhnliche Ochsenzunge (Anchusa officinalis) near the road between Markt Neuhodis and Rechnitz

Shortly before Rechnitz a grassy slope up to the left is marked with plates as protected landscape. It is characterized as dry grass area, but the vegetation differs from eastern Alpine edge (where I live), apparently due to a completely different underground (serpentine rock). Near the road lots of Field Cow-wheat (Melampyrum arvense)

"Tufted" grape hyacynth (Muscari comosum)

Viwe from the grassland to Rechnitz

Crantz - Cinquefoil (Potentilla crantzii)

Sage (Salvia pratensis)

In the meantime it has become rather late. To avoid riding in darkness, foto breaks now are scarce - only here, between Bernstein and Bad Tatzmannsdorf, where pines are glaring in the last evening light, I cannot resist to stop.