Bicycle round Oberwart 19.3.2005

At least the weather is spring-like. In only one week the highest daytime temperature rose from -5 to +20 C. Time for a short bicycle round in the surroundings of Oberwart.

In the morning, in my garden: snow drops leave no stone (or snow) unturned ...

View from a small bank before Oberdorf to Oberwart. In the background snow covered mountains of Wechsel

Only small rests of snow are left in this place, but Wechsel is deeply covered with snow

180 degree panorama of Oberwart, in the background Wechsel, to the far right Guenser mountains with Geschriebenstein, 884 m, Burgenlandīs
highest mountain. Click in the picture for better resolution.

Tauchen beck near Neumarkt in Tauchen valley

Neumarkt with its church - a typical Burgenlandian village with broad front gardens beside the street

Tauchen beck to the other direction, in the background Schlaining castle. Here a cycler immediately learns, that Burgenland is flat only on "average"

Schlaining castle in evening light. Itīs a pity that taking this foto, the autofocus played a joke on me

Schlaining castle in evening light as seen from Stadtschlaining


Cycling further through deep forest to Bad Tatzmannsdorf