Bicycle tour 26.7.2007

Today it is bright and forecast to get hot in the afternoon. A short bicycle ride in the morning, starting at 10 a.m. already being a bit late regarding the heat. I ride from Winzendorf via Doerfles, Netting, Maiersdorf, Zweiersdorf and Oberhoeflein up till shortly before Gruenbach, then back via Hoeflein, Willendorf, Strelzhof and Doerfles, about 20 km.

Shortly after Doerfles the first sun flowers are greeting me, the same as the day before yesterday.

Today the sun is shining making the colours shine much more.

Shortly after Netting I discover this field. Getting closer, however, ...

 ... requires some walking over grassland, ...

 ... however comensated by these gorgeous, tall, fully blossomed sun flowers, ...

 ... covering a large area. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Hohe Wand and Maiersdorf in the background

The flowers are so tall, that there is no good overview standing close. So, the fotographer has to chose unusual means to achieve his goal in climbing a tree.

The view is much better from up here.

The final goal of my ride is one of the most beautiful viewpoints to Schneeberg, Gelaend´ far right

Gruenbach in the foreground.

After last week´s very hot period even the last reminders of smow have molten away.

On raving down I have a short stop near the old pilgrimage church of Hoeflein.