Bicycle tour 24.7.2007

After an unbelievably hot week with temperatures up to nearly 40 C a bit cooler weather now. Rain is forecast for the afternoon or evening, but in the morning it is still sunny. So I start for a short ride from Winzendorf via Bad Fischau to Dreistetten, further via Muthmannsdorf, Gaaden, Stollhof, Maiersdorf and Netting back to Winzendorf, about 20 km.

Between Muthmannsdorf and Gaaden the view goes over "Neue Welt" in direction of the western parts of Hohe Wand.

Schloszberg, Mitterberg, Netting far right.

View to Hohe Wand. Thed sunflowers have been wilting a bit ...

 ... in last week´s great heat.

Zooming in to the view over Zweiersdorf and Gruenbach to the Gutenmann area

Muthmannsdorf´s church with Groeszenberg behind.

Some sunflowers are left ...

The small chapel beneath two lime trees, Hohe Wand behind.

Once more Muthmannsdorf´s church and Groeszenberg behind.

Shortly after the tollgate of the branching road to Hohe Wand - view to Hohe Wand.

The view in the opposite direction through the Prosset - gorge and over Winzendorf (that cannot be seen from here) to Weikersdorf, the southern Vienna´s plain and Rosalia mountains behind.

Near Netting ...

 ... some splendiferous sun flowers at least.