Solstice Celebration Losenheim 24.6.2017

Karl Tisch from Puchberg (Schneebergdörfl) has organized a solstice celebration, this time (for water protection reasons, they say) not in the Breite Ries, but beneath the Faden saddle, above Losenheim. On June 8th, 2017, I already explored the place for the photo shooting. Today, I am allowed to drive up the forest road with my car. So, I have to carry my heavy rucksack (about 15 kg) only for 15 minutes through steep forest.

This is especially good regarding the fact that it was hot and humid all day. Now, a thunderstorm ist forming up behind the Schneeberg.

Last evening light illuminates the periperhy of the thundercloud. Will it hold on till the feast is over?

Schneeberg panorama, as seen from the rock called "Abfall". Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Arrived at my view point, the tripod set up, remote control mounted. Ready for the event.

Wonderful evening redness before it gets dark.

Thunderclouds keeping distance still.

Sowly ...

 ... getting darker ...

 ... in Losenheim.

Artificial lights ...

 ... now appearing more and more; a chain of lights now adding near the ridge:

 - the torchlight procession begins.

Now the red batons are ignited, ...

 ... followed by the cross formed by the red batons ...

 ... glowing rather light.

The cross torches are expired, the bengal fire is now lit ...

 ...  enlighting the whole surrounding area.

Several bengal fires are inflamed consecutvely.

The light is off, the show comes to its end - and the first cars start their way down.

It has started to flash and thunder. I decide to stay for another few minutes, maybe a flash loses its way onto my camera chip ... however, the blue-grey haze on Schneeberg (far left) gives cause for concern. Indeed, I cannot stay for long, because it starts to rain over here too.

The rain isn´t very heavy though, so I get soaked onyl a little bit. Having reached my car, I drive up to the Almreserlhaus, for a drink with Karl and the others.

I didn´t take part in the torchlight procession; so it is a great pleasure to me that I may upload this picture of Dr. Karin Pietsch, general practitioner in Puchberg, and her husband Hans-Jürgen. (picture by Herbert Hanny from the riding stable Halmerhof). Karin also was up as a doctor (with her gear), in case of an incident.

A film team from Servus-TV has filmed the whole action from the ruin in Losenheim, and also has now arrived at the Almreserlhaus. The cameraman now wants to take some close-ups of a burning red torch ...

 ... and of a bengal fire. For the photographers: the light is so bright, that this picture was taken with iso 100, f 8 and 1/80 second - like a daylight situation.

A video of the Bengal Fireworks can be seen here: