Losenheim/Willendorf 8./9.6.2017

8.6.2017: Morning walk with Hans-Jürgen Pietsch, to find the optimal place for the photo-shooting at the traditional Puchberg´ solstice fireworks, this time taking place at the Fadensattel above Losenheim.

First, we walk up from Losenheim to the Scharbrunstwiese, where we get a good view to the Schneeberg.

Further inverstigation of a nearby hill shows us that, despite some rocky outcrops, the summit is all over covered with forest, so there is no view to the Fadensattel. So, we try another hill, depicted in the map with "Abfall". First we find a view point to the opposite side, that is Puchberg/Schneebergdörfel.

Afterwards, however, after another short leg, we find a hole in the forest, above a rock, where we get a beautiful view to the Fadensattel.

Shot from behind (picture by Hans-Jürgen Pietsch) ... mission accomplished - we draw back now for the descent.

9.6.2017 - a short "midday ride" with the mountain bike on gravel roads to Willendorf and back via Strelzhof. View from the wayside shrine near the transpondfer to Schneeberg. Early summer fields.

Between Willendorf and Strelzhof I visit a long known place to look for lizard orchids - this showpiece is one of the last in the area, which is more and more covered with shrubs. Dozens of plants were growing on the slope in behind, today I didn´t find any.

Adriatic Lizard orchid (Himantoglossum adriaticum)

In the palace grounds of Strelzhof a few Red Helleborines (Cephalanthera rubra) are left. Much more in former years, but it seems that the grassland in between the trees is manured now. The horses in the riding stables need hay ...

Die Peach-leaved bellfower (Campanula persicifolia) is essetial for the survival of the Red Helleborines: the flowers of the red helleborines are confused by the bees with the bellflowers, so they are visited in between and pollinated. What seems to be different colours for humans, is seen as identical by the bees, which can see a different spectrum of light, thus making the colour of the two species undiscernable for them.

I finalize the ride with a single trail from Netting to Blosser Berg.

Here, the "narrow leaved flax" - Schmalblättriger Lein (Linum tenuifolium) is growing.