Krumbachstein 24.7.2014

At last a good day with fine weather. I opt for a walk from Rohrbach to the Krumbachstein, with my son Peter.

The fish ponds of "Maria´s Land" shortly behind Rohrbach.

We branch off from the valley up to the Gahns - massive - this part of the way the same ascent as on 3.10.2013

From the Bürschhof, the route however differs from that chosen on 3.10.2013.


Inside the forest. Bumblebee on Adenostyles alliariae

Pyramidal orchid (Anacamptis pyramidalis) in full flower now.

Bog star (Parnassia palustris)

Inside the forest lots of grauer Alpendost (Adenostyles alliariae - sorry, did not find an English name).

Small huts on the "Alpl", the foresummit of Krumbachstein.

Alpine pasture.

Shortly beore the summit of the Krumbachstein a small hut of the club of the Naturfreunde

First glimpse to the Semmering and Wechsel region.

Peter on the summit of Krumbachstein.

View to the Rax massive

270 degree panoramic picture from the summit of Krumbachstein (1.602 m). Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

View along the Höllental. To the left part of the Rax massive, the pointed summit is Sonnleitstein, then Göller, Gippel, Schwarzauer Gippel and Obersberg, one row behind is Ötscher.

Zooming in on the Schneeberg chapel with a train set of the rack railway.

Zooming in on the Rax with the Otto house. On the horizon is the highest summit called Heukuppe with the memorial.

View to the train station at Baumgartner of the Schneebergbahn, to the right of it is Hoher Hengst, where I was on 18.6.2014.

Clearing at the Krumbach saddle

Now walking downwards on a unmarked route through the upper parts of the Nesselgraben.

Near the Ternitzer hut.

Interested in the walkers. "Do you have a piece of salt, please?"

Water for the animals.

Wild wachsender Oregano. (Origanum vulgare).

Back at the pasture above Rohrbach.

Only down through the Rohrbach gorge, and we are back at our car.