Rohrbach - Bodenwiese - Saurüssel 3.10.2013

After the recent rain, today´s weather is totally bright, near cloudless, but cold polar air and a clear night made up for the first frosty night of this autumn. Having planned to visit the Bodenwiese in autumn, this time I try the ascent from the North. After a drive to Puchberg and the nearby Rohrbach, I walk up on a good track from Schmalleiten up to the Bürschhof and further on to the Bodenwiese. After crossing it along its longer diameter, I add climbing up the Saurüssel. Back on nearly the same route.

This promises to become a clear, but cold day. Few dust is hanging over Puchberg.

Starting at 7:40 from Rohrbach.

Maria´s Land has many fish ponds, where the morning sun is reflecting nicely. Please apologize for me climbing the low wooden fence to get these pictures ...

First morning light on the opposite slope.

View down the valley. In the far distance the grassland I have visited last winter coming from  Gutenmann.

Hauling of timber the harvester has destroyed much of the steep path in the lower leg of this route (later on causing me to chose a descent route over the nearby grassland instead)

A clearing in the forest ...

 ... turns out to be a hairpin bend of a nearby forest road.

All of a sudden, the slope gets flat ...

 ... giving way to this lovely grassland around the Bürschhof.

Still hoarfrosted grass in the shadow.

From here, you also get a small glimpse to Schneeberg with St. Elisabeth´ church near the summit station of the rack railway.

A short route through the forest and about 60 m down  ...

 ... to reach the Bodenwiese, which I enter on its Northern end ...

 ... and straightforwardly crossing it along its longer diameter, nearly to its Southern end.

View back to the North.

Upwards through dense forest ...

Much hoarfrost here in the shadow ...

 ... also covering this meadow saffron (Colchicum autumnale).

This is my destination: the grassy places on the Saurüssel, where I have seen so many meadow saffron leaves in May 2012.

A bit late this time, however (or, maybe it simply is too cold) - most of the flowers are shut or withered.

Here, at the other end of the Gahns - Plateau (which is about 4 km wide), I look down to the valley of Gloggnitz (from where I ascended last time). In the dust is the Sonnwendstein.

Being here, despite it being late, I cannot resist to walk the short distance up to the summit of the Saurüssel.

Another grassland ...

 ... and another one. Two deer immediately fly when I come.

A hide (or: a view?) permits excellent view around - to Schneeberg ...

 ... with the route of the rack railway to its right and the small church.

Panoramic view from the summit of Saurüssel (1.340 m): Rax, Höllental, Schneeberg (with Krumbachstein projecting in from of it), Hoher Hengst, Bodenwiese, Schwarzenberg (1.352 m). Click here or into the picture for a larger version .

Light forest up till the summit, so no view to the south.

Last mist on the Rax plateau.

Once more Schneeberg

The Northern part of the Bodenwiese, where I have come from (and have to return to).

Wild boars are causing damage to the grass. Doesn´t seem to be efficient hunting here (they cause significant damage nearly everywhere in Austria, due to the large population increase as a result of the many mild winters we had)

A slightly different route back along the eastern parts of the Bodenwiese permits me a view up to Schneeberg - the route of the rack railway on the slope in front. Behind to the left the main summit of Klosterwappen (2.076 m) looking smaller and being higher (but more distant).

Krumbachstein also can be seen from this slightly different perspective.

Back at the Bürschhof ...

 ... and this time over the grassland down the last parts of the descent. Hoher Hengst in behind.