6.9.: Lake Etrach - Lake Sauofen.

Wonderful walk from Lake Etrach to the Rudolf Schober hut and further on to Lake Sauofen at the head of the valley.

Am Morgen wieder am Hügel beim Bauernhof unterwegs

View to Preber (2740 m).




Mist lying over the Seetal, dissolving here in the morning sun.

The car at the carpark close to lake Etrach, and the view to the lake after a few minutes.

Walking along the Etrachsee.

Reached the Grafenalm after about 45 minutes.

After a short lunch at the Rudolf Schober Hut we proceed walking up the valley. Small waterfall besides the path, at a valley step.

We walk a wonderful, though unmarked path between Swiss Stone pines, larches and mountain dwarf pines.


View into the valley.

A flat area with wet grassland.

Slowly, we are approaching the timber line and the mountain pasture region.

The very small lake Sauofen at the head of the valley, which we don´t approach further.