Hohe Wand from Gruenbach 6.3.2008

After a longer period of bad weather with gales and rain, with a frosty mornig today, I decide to walk out in this bright weather. Only three hours, so it seems that I shall not come too far. However ...

I drive to Gruenbach and without a map, I try this location, the region of the disused black coal quarry. First I have to climb without a path through steep forest. My goal is the highest point of Hohe Wand, Plackles, which can be seen in the background with the antenna.

After 10 minutes I find this forest gravel road well known to me from former walks.

Now I walk a bit more flat up the mountain.

Yesterday´s little bit of snow is changing everything.

A first glimpse on Schneeberg when I am high enough as to overlook Gelaend

Zooming in on Schneeberg.

Further up the gravel road

In places with no widn the snow stayed on the trees.

A short detour a bit steeper up. I am the first walker here (apart from deer and - of course - Sheila)

One of many interesting information plates in this area. It tells about the development of life out  of the oceans od the early earth.

View to Bucklige Welt.

Now I have reached the ridge and are looking over Gelaend (to the left in front) to Schneeberg. This area is not shown as a summit in the map, it must be about 1.080 m above sealevel.

Panoramic view with the former picture as part of. Click into the picture for a larger version


Winter wood


Shortly before Plackles. The view from the summit, is blocked by houses, the access is forbidden by high fences with the inscriptions "private"

This private lodge is rather old ...

 ... the inscription says that this is propriatory to the Alpine society of "Johannesbacher" of Vienna, and that damages will be trespassed; given 23rd June, 1912.

For the descent I chose the path, leading steeply down through snowy forest, named ...

 - (it means "parish priest´s path")

Back at the foot of the mountain. View to Schneeberg and Gelaend

 ... and a bit further down at the outskirts of the village.

Icicles are reminding that it is rather cold today.