Hohe Wand 3.12.2006

Once more a grey day with a blanket of high fog. After a really nice birthday - "brunch" with friends we spontanuously decide to drive up Hohe Wand to enjoy a bit the sun and have a look on that fog from the upper side.

Firstly we walk around the zoo, where we have a first view over the fog sea. Somewhere down there is Winzendorf, Wiener Neustadt, Leithagebirge, Neusiedler Lake ...

Deer readily come to the feeding place ...

Afterwards, we cross the road at the parking ground to the childrenīs playground. From here there is a gorgeous view in western direction: from left to right Schneeberg, and Duerre Wand ...

 ... and Unterberg the mountains around Rohr im Gebirge

Zooming in on Schneeberg

Droughty weed is glowing in the evening sunshine ...

Last beech leaves, Unterberg above the fog sea in the background

Schneeberg behind the trees

Llamas are held here in a bawn.

" ... no, I donīt interest myself for you!"

 "... Who are you, actually?"

 "... Iīm much too proud to look over to you!"