Rohr im Gebirge 8.10.2006

Once more we visit friends in Rohr. As on many other occasions, weather permitting, I take the bike to get there.

At the beginning, after 2 km, near Gaaden, a view to Schneeberg and Hohe Wand, Kienberg far left.

Panoramic view from near Gaaden: from left to right Kienberg, Schneeberg far behind, then Hohe Wand. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Fischauer Vorberge: Groessenberg

View from near Muthmannsdorf on the vale named "Neue Welt" ("New World") and to Hohe Wand. To the left of its steep escarpments (seen in profile there) Schneeberg, only visible in part.

Last autumn flowers ...

 ... with last autumn visitors: Peacock butterfly

Deciduous trees are beginning to change colour.

View to ruin Starhemberg, as seen from Dreistetten.

Magical birch avenue and autumn colours in Gutenstein

Now the route leads into the Steinapiesting valley

Steinapiesting beck

Spindle (Euonymus europaeus) near the road

Further on into that lovely dale ...

 ... till the last houses. From here the road takes a 4 km - steep ascent up to Haselrast, ...

 ... is winding in narrow curves ...

 ... and along a rocky escarpment shortly before its end.

On the other side of the col a lovely high dale: Furtner´s inn in the background, the owner of which is running several ski lifts in winter.

At the journey´s end:: "Im Gries" near Rohr im Gebirge.

Sheila has come with the car, together with the family, and she has found a friend there soon.

"Come on, now!"

A weir at the beck accumulates a small pond.

After a delicious meal we are sitting in front of the house and enjoy the autumnal sun. In the vale nearby ...

 ... the shadows are growing longer.