Schneeberg 2.11.2005

Morning walk on Schneeberg. Start at 6.30 am at Losenheim. Via Sparbacherhuette, Fadensteig and Fischerhuette to Klosterwappen (Schneeberg summit, 2.076 m). A leaving cloud front after a long, stable temperature inversion results in a triple cloud - situation: Residual fog hanging over the plain (Wiener Becken), medium clouds at 1.500 to 2.200 m, and high Cirrhus clouds.

Schneeberg escarpments in first dawn´s light

View from a bit higher up on Losenheim, Puchberg in the background.

Schneeberg in the mist

The former upper station of the old chair lift. A new one is under construction, including snow making machines on slopes destroyed by bulldozers.

Panorama from the northern escarpments of Schneeberg, West to Northeast. Click into the picture for a larger version.

The clouds don´t seem to reach very far up.

Puchberg. This and the following pictures shows the triple clouds very well. The medium and upper clouds disappear during the day, the mist over the plain was stable all day ...

 ... and on driving home I measured the temperature in Puchberg to be 2,5 degrees warmer than in Gruenbach, the latter being inside the mist, and a bit deeper situated.

View to West

The pilgrimage church of Mariahilferberg near Gutenstein

Out of a view in western direction is rising  ...

 ... Oetscher (1.890 m). although partly covered with clouds

A single bright spot

Panorama from the western Schneeberg - plateau in western direction. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Fischerhuette on Hochschneeberg

The summit cross on Schneeberg, 2.076 m high, the highest point of Niederoesterreich (Nether Austria).

Wafts of mist, enlightened by the sun, at times make a Brocken - Spectre.

View through wafts of mist in southern direction: Rax (2.009 m)

View to southwest: a few glimpses on higher Alpine mountains

View to Semmering and Wechsel

Schneeberg plateau with Damboeckhaus. Mist over the plain in the background.

On the descent: View to North...

 ... southwest ...

 ... and West.

Back shortly above Losenhaim. The big funnel is an artificial water reservoir for the snow machines. The brown areas on both sides are slopes, newly flattend by bulldozers. Deserted areas with no plants at all. An atrocious view.

The gorge near Losenheim ...

 ... and a view back to Losenheim.