Hohe Wand 11.10.2005

The evening before: a strange dusty light over Schneeberg


11.10.: Morning mist over Winzendorf with calm, bright autumn weather. Short morning walk of about 3 hours on Hohe Wand

View over Gaaden to ruin Emmerberg, behind it Prosset gorge and Winzendorf

Zoom to ruin Emmerberg

In the other direction Hohe Wand attracts behind Stollhof

The parking ground near the first big reversement of the road to Hohe Wand is the starting point of my walk.

The view is extremely steep upwards, so I needed two panel format pictures joined together.

Zoom to Skywalk, a View platform over the escarpments near Postl Inn. This is my first goal.

The escarpments of Hohe Wand in morning light

Hard to believe, that a good path leads through this terrain - the so called "Voellerin"

The trees show autumnal colours, especially this maple.

On foot of the wall you can see the climbing routes well marked.

Now the terrain is really steep ...

 ... and there is a good view even from here over Maiersdorf to Kienberg

More to the left Fischauer Vorberge in morning dust with the striking indentation of Prosset gorge

Now the path leads through a narrow opening in the rocks

This tree did not want the plate.

Sky walk comes closer

This variant path regrettably is unpossible to go with the dog, ...

 ... although this keen ladder through the vertical funnel seems rather inviting.

Voellerin path is well built.

The iron rope is pure ease and comfort, however good for me when going with the dog on the lead.

Still a sea of morning fog behind the  Prosset gorge

The first destination: Sky walk, ...

... bearing its name really rightly: only air around. Not good for the nervous.

The view through the ground fence does not calm at all.

Panorama view from Skywalk over Neue Welt to Fischauer Vorberge. Click into the picture for a larger version.

View in southern direction, ...

 ... along Hohe Wand, ...

 ... and vertical down

A few flowers have a second blossom period in autumn: Rockrose (Helianthemum sp.)

Immediately behind the escarpments this peaceful picture of Hohe Wand Plateau

From this grass hang gliders and paragliders use to start.

Path through the forest on Hohe Wand Plateau. The walk leads to Hochkogelhaus, where the descent begins.

Panorama from Hochkogelhaus in direction East: still mist behind Fischauer Berge. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Zoom to Prosset gorge: still mist over Winzendorf.

The descent leads me on Straszenbahnerweg (the name derives from the group of street tram personnel having built up the path long ago), leading at first between hazel bushes

This path is well constructed too

This point even is no problem for the dog.

Back on the forest road on the foot of the walls, ...

 ... leading me back to the parking ground.

A last glimpse of Skywalk.

Near the parking ground a paraglider is starting

Panorama of Hohe Wand on my way home. Click into the picture for a larger version.