Gröszenberg 28.5.2015

North of Puchberg, on the opposite side of the Puchberg valley, there is a forested ridge with its highest point named Größenberg (1.188 m). Maybe the forest is the reason that nearly nobody knows this area. But if there is a gap between the trees, you should have a gorgeous view to the Schneeberg. For more than a year I considered to check this possibility.

There is hope despite the forest: One of my pictures from October12 th, 2013 shows a narrow free band beneath the summit.

So, I decide to climb the summit via the forest road and the ridge, where the slope isn´t that steep and search for this grassy path.

At the outskirts of Puchberg - Schneeberg with a hat of cloud today.

Flowers and grass in the dale behind Puchberg.

At the beginning there is a steep pasture down the road, then there is only forest.

Schneeberg poking out in some places, but always partly hidden.

A small clearing with a view to Haltberg, Hohe Wand to its left behind.

Masses of flowering Wood spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloidea).

More clearings ...

Öhler and Plattenstein.

Fallen trees from the sheet ice last december is being worked up - ugly traces of the wood harvester.

The summit cross of Größenberg seems a bit improvisational

Broken wood, ...

 ... with new life in between.

Traversing the summit in western direction ...

 ... to reach more small clearings, ...

 ... with more good views to Schneeberg.

It seems to get a bit lighter down to the left ... and all of a sudden, I find myself on the upper part of this large, magical grassland, deforestated some years ago, now overgrown with grass (and stinging nettles, regrettably).

The place gives you the best possible view of Schneeberg: From the Hengst to the left to the Fadensattel and Kuhschneeberg to the right. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

At the lower part of the grassland there is a hide, with the inevitable very narrow and steep gravel road branching into the bigger gravel road I´ve left on my ascent.

To be sure that can I find the grassland in the future, I walk back the road, a bit boring and flat in the beginning, to get back exactly where I have started. Columbines (Aquilegia vulgaris) along the road.

A small beck in Unternberg.