Losenheim 12.10.2013

1 1/2 hours time in Puchberg, during the riding lessions of my daughters. Just about enough time for a short jaunt from Losenheim on the Fadensattel. After yesterday´s rain, the sun has reappeared, but with a heavy foen wind.

My route. The chairlift is wrongly depicted. This one has been demounted, the new one approximately goes where I have drawn the yellow line.

The day starts with morning mist over Winzendorf. Hans-Jürgen Pietsch, who has to get up early with his little daughter, and who lives a little bit higher up in Winzendorf, has sent me this picture (when this picture was made, I was sleeping like a log).

The valley bottom behind Sonnleiten.

The ruined castle of Losenheim; I walked up the slopes to the Fadensattel in behind the ruin. The haystack in the foreground also has seen better times.

Start at 9:49 a.m. - I´ve got 1 hour and 25 minutes for my walk.

Autumn has come here.

View down along the lowest parts of the ski piste, the valley station partly hidden by the group of trees ...

 ... and the water reservoir for the artificial snow to the left.

I walk up along the grassy slopes of the piste - after several years the grass is ok now.

To my left, the escarpments of Schneeberg, the summit wrapped in clouds.

You get up rather quickly here.

Gorgeous autumn colors. Please apologize the repetative pictures  ...

Ski piste, and the view to the Dürre Wand.

Ski piste, and the view upwards.

View up Schneeberg ...

 ... and down to Losenheim.

Still clouds on Schneeberg.

Nearly up now.

The view now even goes to the Rosalia mountains on the horizon.

The water reservoir at the valley station of the chairlift has now started to fill up. No problem after recent autumnal rains. During the summer, and especially during this summer with its exceptional heat and dryness, it stays empty.


Arrived on the Fadensattel Edelweißhütte and Schneeberg.

Here, a strong fön wind is blowing, which seems to be the cause of the constant cloud, a typical feature of a foen weather situation.

View to the North, with Unterberg to the right.

Kuhschneeberg, where I walked three months ago.

One more view of Schneeberg, from near the Almreserlhaus

Austrian Gentian (Gentianella Austriaca) still flourishing here.

View to the Almreserlhaus, Fadensattel and Schneeberg.

I start the descent now. ...

 ... and once again  ...

 ... meet the autumnal coloured mountain forest.

ABove a steep part of the route, there is a nice view to Losenheim. Puchberg in the background, Hoher Hengst to the right.

Yellow autumn forest ...

Back on the piste, ...

 ...  leading down nicely here.

On the way down a quick shot of a fringed gentian (Gentianopsis ciliata)

Nearly down ...

 ... The chairlift station comes into view.

View back - a short time ago, I was walking along that ridge.

On the drive back to Puchberg, I have to take a short stop to take in this panorama - with the Burgruine Losenheim to the right. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Two more short photo stops near Sonnleiten ...

 ... and between Hof and Knipflitz.

On the drive back, I take a short detour to the pilgrimage church of Höflein, to enjoy the view from up there. View over Unterhöflein, with Schneeberg in behind, Hohe Wand to the right. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Zooming in on Schneeberg - the foen cloud seems to disappear at the moment.