Big Round walk Groessenberg 8.1.2008

Finally the mist has lifted and it is clear. So I start for a long morning walk, first to Weikersdorf, then over Groessenberg, down to the road between Muthmannsdorf and Dreistetten, to the foothills of Hohe Wand, along Hohe Wand to Felbring and Stollhof, and via Ruin Emmerberg and Prosset gorge back (about 4 1/2 hours)

I start at 8 a.m. Cloud shadows over the plains, but Schneeberg is highlighted by first rays of morning sun.

Recent thaw has swept off the thin snow carpet, but the ground soil is still frozen from several weeks of continuous frost. A clear night did the rest, so partially molten snow sheets present as ice.

Shortly before Weikersdorf. The light on Schneeberg is increasing.

Now heading to Fischauer mountains

Winzendorf, "upper village"

Snow rests on the fields


Near the vine yards: beautifully coloured lichen on a tree.

Vineyards on the foothills of Fischauer mountains

View over southern Vienna´s plain to Bucklige Welt. Weikersdorf´s church to the right.

Heading up to the forest now.

The vineyard before the last ...

 ... and the last one.

Close to the summit of Groessenberg I discovered some rocks in the forest; from the top of them a good view over the plain.

It is now a bit cloudy with changing sunny spells.

Factories near the road: Magna - to the left, in the centre the buildings of IAG company

Changing light ...


Weikersdorf and Bucklige Welt

Weikersdorf, in maximal zoom. Here seem to live several blatant "environmental sinners". Now I understand why one of the residents known to me wants to move away because of bad air, mainly in winter.

On the other side of the ridge, on the summit of Groessenberg, a fine view over Neue Welt to Hohe Wand - click into the picture for a larger version.

Southwestern part of Hohe Wand with partially hidden Schneeberg.

Northeastern end of Hohe Wand, the last house to the right is Herrgottschnitzerhaus

Dreistetten, and behind, in shadow now, ruin Starhemberg. In the background to the left  is Hoher Mandling.

Icy gravel roads

A bit more snow up here.

I leave the forest near the big curve on the road between Muthmannsdorf and Dreistetten.

Now walking over fields and grassland to the foothills of Hohe Wand.

Those residents dont understand that I am NOT a hunter.

Hohe Wand with Herrgottschnitzerhaus

Icy roads. I heard a driver behind, he immediately turned around seeing this ...

Reed near a small well.

The Oilseed rape of last autumn still has a nice, now light brown coloured straw.

I am now walking along the foothills of Hohe Wand ...

 ... passing the cardiovascular desease - rehabilitation centre of Felbring

From Stollhof a smooth descent back to the Fischau mountains

View back to Hohe Wand. In the valley up there the road to the plateau is ending.


View to the west over Neue Welt to Kienberg ...

 ... and to the southwestern parts of Hohe Wand.

Heading for Ruin Emmerberg ...

 ... and the Prosset gorge.

Schneeberg comes into view once more.

Ruin Emmerberg

Schneeberg with Zweiersdorf in the foreground.