Hohe Wand 27.12.2007

The high pressure area has remained stable over all the Christmas days, and no end in sight. A dense blanket of  fog is hanging over the land, not too high up however. After all the Christmas obligations, I make use of the first free day after the holidays to repeat my walk from Dreistetten on Hohe Wand, this time Marlene has joined me.

Start inmidst the fog. After two weeks of fog the amount of hoarfrost has much increased.

Soon some sunlight comes into sight ...

In the shadow of the mountain the end of the fog is not very impressive.

The path however leads back to the sunside.

Sunlight inside the forest ...

 ... and in the clearing: snow and - still - hoarfrost. The tree tops in the background are permanently outside the fog zone and do not have any hoarfrost on them.

Down here the hoarfrost has leaved its signs on the thin snow cover...

Further up into the sun ....

 ... and once more to this stunning viewpoint near Herrgottschnitzerhaus.

The clouds from above. This time, the fog goes a bit higher, covering also the Rosalia mountains.

Sheila and Marlene.

Today, we need a bit of a refreshment ...

 ... inside the inn.

On the descent in the forest. The fog has withdrawn a bit, similar to last week.

Magical hoarfrost in the forest

The spruce needles nearly have disappeared behind the hoarfrost.

Once more, the grassland above Dreistetten now is in the sun.

View back to Hohe Wand.

Today there is much more hoarfrost on the branches.

360 degree panoramic view of the grassland above Dreistetten, to the left the northeastern end of Hohe Wand. Click into the picture for a larger verison.

Hoarfrost ...

 ... here in extreme quantities on this dogrose. The few fruits have completely disappeared behind.

Once more ...

... Hohe Wand, before we finally have to reimmerse into the fog.

Here we find the most beautiful hoarfrost crystals - more than 2 inches long ...

... and in big clusters.