Holiday in Natz near Brixen 21.7.-1.8.2017

Summer holiday in the mountains this year, for a change. Natz is situated on a beautiful high plateau east of Brixen.

21.7.2017: Arrival in the Hotel

22.7.2017: A stroll through Brixen

24.7.2017: Walk on the high plateau of Natz

25.7.2017: Mountain walk on the Plose to the Rossalm

26.7.2017: Meran und Bozen

27.6.2017: Pragser Wildsee

28.7.2017: Raier Moos

29.7.2017: In the Rienz - gorge

30.7.2017: Lüsner Alm

31.7.2017: Seiser Alm