Bad Fischau-Brunn 30.5.2022

 Two hours´ mountainbike ride/walk to the iris meadow near Bad Fischau and more nice places.

On the dam of the water pipe Am Wasserleitungsdamm the adriatic lizard orchids (Himantoglossum adriaticum) just begin to flowrish.

On the way along the dam near the bushes European birthwort (Aristolochia clematitis). Birthwort had been used in medicin and homeopathy, however it is highly poisonous due to its content of  Aristolochic acid, which is nephrotoxic and cancerogenous, also causing the so called Balkan endemic nephropathy subsequently leading to renal failure.

View over fields to Winzendorf.

On tghe iris meadow, dittany (Dictamnus albus) is growing near bushes.

Inula hirta (Pentanema hirtum)

Dittany (Dictamnus albus)

A big area with many exemplars of the adriatic lizard orchids (Himantoglossum adriaticum) above the iris meadow. Due to the sun explosed area and the protecting forest, there is more warmth, so a few of the flowers are open already.

Adriatic lizard orchid (Himantoglossum adriaticum)

Adriatic lizard orchid (Himantoglossum adriaticum) in detail.

"Great milkwort" (Polygala major)

Common rockrose (Helianthemum nummularium subsp. glabrum)

Dittany (Dictamnus albus)

Violet limodore (Limodorum abortivum) near Bad Fischau/Brunn.

Back with the bike crossing the fields in the plain. Flowers besides the was ....

Corn campion, corn flower, greater knapweed (Centaurea scabiosa)


 ... and poppies. 

A whole field with clover.