11.8.2019: Wetterkreuz Peak

A high walk on the Wetterkreuz peak - from the tollgate to the Zillertal high road.

After last night´s rain, still clouds on the slopes, but gradually dissolving.

View the Ziller dale downstream.

Having started at 1.370 m, I reach the mountain pasture region soon.

Yellow mountain saxifrage (Saxifraga aizoides)

Cotton grass

Old spruce trees, partly dead.

View up to the Gedrechter (2.217 m) and Wimbachkopf (2.442 m)

Lonely Swiss stone pines (Pinus cembra) on a huge rock.

Common spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza Fuchsii)

View downstream the Ziller valley


I had a short rest and a drink at the Hochalm (1.811 m).

The weather has further improved, so I decide for the summit and proceed to the Wetterkreuzspitze. 2 km from here, thousands of cars are parking, here I am nearly completely for myself.

One of the small ponds near the path, at about 2040 m asl.

Small white orchid (Pseudorchis albida) growing up here.

The view now opens to the Zillertal main Alpine ridge.

Nearly done ...

View to the North over the Inn valley to the Karwendel mountains.

Two good dogs today.

View over the Ziller dale with the village Ried, where we are accomodated. If you know, you even can see our hotel.

Panoramic picture from the Wetterkreuz peak (2.256 m). Hierher oder ins Bild klicken für eine größere Darstellung.

The summit cross on the Wetterkreuz peak ...

 ... with the Karwendel mountains behind to the left. 

Ziller dale´s main Alpine ridge.


Gedrechter (2.217 m) and Ziller dale main Alpine ridge Back to the descent.

A short cooling-off in a shallow beck.

Back to the forest; cotton grass.

Last rays of sunshine on the Ahornpitze (2.973 m) in the evening, from the hotel balcony.