9.8.2019: Schlegeis Reservoir

We drive up to the Schlegeis reservoir, far behind at the head of the Zillertal, above the small village of Ginzling. Jam between Zell am Ziller and Mayerhofen, another 20 minutes are spent before the contraflow traffic light near the tollgate. But the day is beautiful and long, and we only want to walk along the reservoir, so we don´t mind.

We must drive along the Northern half of the lake to find a parking space ...

 ... and this one also is near completely occupied. A whole mountain pasture with cars.

The Schlegeis reservoir is one of several reservoirs damming up water which can be hold back in case of high water - a big advantage for the villages beneath, another advantage in times of wind- and solar electricity because the huge reservoir can buffer times of high consumption, night or calm. If there is another reservoir in the valley beneath, water can even pumped back up in time of high electric yield - for instance clear sunshine with strong wind.


Interesting, a boxed in carpark in a nature reserve. But I must not complain, as we too came up with our car.

View to the dam.

We now walk along the western lakeshore to the head of the valley.

You may have different opinions about "destroying" nature by a water power plant. I like beautiful reservoirs like that.

Still last clouds on the main Alpine ridge.

View back.

The girls enjoy it too.

Smalls becks falling down along the road.

Great Willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium) in wonderful abundance.

Single Swiss stone pines (Pinus cembra) along the road.

Alpine sow-thistle (Cicerbita alpina)

They will have to change this plate in a few years - about the extinct glaciers.

Geologiy of the Zillertal - if you are intersted (and speak German).

Most of the water from the neighbouring Zemmgrund valley is conducted through a long tunnel into the Schlegeis reservoir geleitet. Thus, building another reservoir is avoided.

In the gravel, another kind of willowherb is growing: Alpine willowherb (Epilobium fleischeri)

Here also grows the Alpine subspecies of field mouse-ear (Cerastium arvense subsp. strictum) - thanks a lot to Nikolaus Künzle for identification and explanation. The Facebook group for plant identification (in German, sorry) really is of great help ...


 Alpine aster (Aster alpinus) 

Scheuchzers bellflower (Campanula scheuchzeri)

Here, a big side beck is flowing into the reservoir.

At the head of the reservoir we sit down for a short rest.

Rest for the dogs too.

Zillertal glacier water hydrotherapy.

Bella and Lucy.

Driftwood in the water.

All clouds on the main Alpine ridge have dissolved now. Only a few piled clouds cast their shadows at times.

Besides a huge rock I find this Edelweiss (Leotopodium alpinum)

At the head of the reservoir.

Dwarf gentian (Gentianella spp.)

Yellow mountain saxifrage (Saxifraga aizoides)

Once more the Alpine sow-thistle (Cicerbita alpina)

Wood ragwort (Senecio fuchsii)

Great Willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium) with a visitor.

The road has to be repaired here due to a huge landslide last October which denuded the rocks completely.

Back to the car, and a final short walk along the concrete dam.

View from the dam over the reservoir, which we walked along till its left end.

View from the dam down to the valley. On the drive back, we have to wait 2 times 22 minutes in front of the contraflow traffic light.

Before driving home we treat ourselves to a coffee in a mountain inn - with a wonderful view over the lake.