7.8.2019: Haselbach Waterfall

The weather doesn´t improve, but it is dry. The girls opt for a shopping day in Innsbruck. They take me a bit down the valley to Finsing/Haselbach, where I start to the Haselbach-waterfall.

In fact, the waterfall has three parts, the lower two being rather small.

The upper of the three waterfalls, the Haselbach - waterfall.


I walk back a few minutes and branch off to a forest road, which I leave to a steep path up to the Hamberg (2.096 m), which I however leave after about 30 minutes. Now I walk along another forest road, firstly nearly level, then descending, passing by the Dristalaste, a lonesome mountain farm, down to the villages of Großmärz and Stumm. The rest of the walk through densely settled valley takes another, exhausting and disencouraging hour.

Looking across the vcalley to the Zillertal high road ...

 ... and to Zell am Ziller and Mayerhofen. The threethousanders there will be clear of any snow in a few years.

An exceptionally unspoiled part of the Ziller dale - to the left behind the small tree is Ried, where we are accomodated.