Evening walk in the Ziller Dale 7.6.2008

After a whole day on the microscope attending a course at the dermotological ward of the university hospital of Innsbruck I drive back in the evening to my accomodation in Hainzenberg in the Ziller dale. Daylight lasting for long at this season and not raining just now, I decide to do a little evening walk. Clouds are hanging deep which usually means bad weather, but in some spaces there are sunny spells. I climb up in a direct way from Hainzenberg (960 m) through the forest up to mountain pasture land at Sonnalm (1.360 m).

View in direction Gerlos pass

Ziller dale: view from Hainzenberg in northern direction.

Zell am Ziller

View to the west to Seewand (2.400 m)

Ziller dale viewing north.


This beck would be difficult to cross ...

Mountain Valerian (Valeriana montana)

Near Sonnalm I leave her forest ...

 ... to enter the mountain pastures.

Dandelions are withered.

"If the mountain has a sabre, the weather is poor"says an old farmer´s rule - and it is right. Today, it has repeatedly rained, and the next day is the same, so a secaond walk is not possible. However, at times the clouds dívide and give place for sunny spells to form a more spectacular scenery..

Wood - Cranesbill (Geranium sylvaticum)

Panorama near Sonnenalm - click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Cloud impressions  ...

On the descent, the mountain opposite the Gerlos valley is highlighted by a sunny spell.

The light even increasing in intensity ...

 ... Zoom to the small hamlets opposite

The road passes more grassland.