9.8.2011: "Hunting" Caretta caretta sea turtles and a visit to the coast caves near Keri

We take the hired car to reach Keri, where we enter one of the excursion boats. The route first goes to the sandy cove of Laganas, where we are looking for sea turtles then a short bathing stop at the isle of Marathonissi, followed by a trip to the coastal caves of Keri, once more with an opportunity for bathing.

The boat has cast off the jetty.

First we sail eastwards along the coast.

Keri beach

Nearly left the Keri cove.

Bizarre rock walls along a shallow sea with sandy ground.

A few coastal caves, washed out by the sea.

A beach Hotel.

The tiny rock island of Agios Sostis with its beach, connected with the land by 100 m boardwalk.

The captain has discovered several boats, standing in a circle in one place. There he steers because there seems to be a turtle. It is looking for food on the sandy sea ground, where we can spot it only faintly. However, turtles have to surface every 15 to 30 minutes. So it happens to me standing on the right side of the boat in the right position, with the camera ready in the hand and with maximal zoom - only have to "click" to get several pictures of this beautiful exemplar.

After that highlight, we are heading for ...

 ... Marathonissi. It is wonderful to swim in that clear, turquoise-blue water.

Now continuing the journey, right around ...

 ... the isle.

In the background the Vassilikos peninsula, where we have been the day before yesterday (Gerakas beach outside the picture to the right, however).

Small rocks in the flat, sandy cove.


We are approaching the rocky cliffs of the Keri peninsula.

Keri cove in the background.

First coast caves.

and this huge rock arch, ...

 .... through which our boat is steered now.

More caves, washed out by the waves ...

 ... and steep, high rock walls.

Bizarre rock shapes due to inclined stratified, and afterwards broken rock.

A second rock arch, where we ...

 ... have another stop for bathing.

Like at the famous ship wreck-cove, there are huge rock walls here, more than 100 metres high.

With caves beneath.

This arch is too narrow and the water too shallow, so we could not sail through.

Bathing near the caves of Keri

Sailing back now to the harbour of Keri.

After this wonderful trip, we are relaxing on the terrace of a taverna in Marathias - with an excellent panoramic view to the sea (this is the left half). Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Panoramablick von der Terrasse der Taverne in Marathias über die Bucht von Laganas und Marathonissi (right half). Click here or into the picture for a larger version.