8.8.2011: With a rented car to Keri and Marathias and to the west coast at Limnionas.

The girls are relaxing at the beach, so I have the car for my own. Iīm pounding the roads along the cove of Laganas and to the Keri peninsula. Afterwards, a short visit to the west coast with the romantic bathing cove of Limnionas. In the evening, shopping in Zakynthos Town.

Olive grove shortly before Keri. Here, the farmer has ploughed the gound ...

 ... wheras this farmer had a different idea.

Vineyards and olive groves in the rank flat areas, bushes and maquis on the slopes above.

The road is passing by a taverna with a wind mill. This is a nice view point to the cove and peninsula of Keri. Click here or into the pictue for a larger version..

The small rocky island of Marathonissi. Tomorrow, we shall stop sailing at sand beach at the left side for half an hourīs bathing.

A gravel beach near the harbour of Keri.

I proceed to Marathias, the last village of the peninsula. Onthe way a view down on the Keri cove with the harbour and the beach. The plain to the left is plotted in the maps as a lake, which however is fallen dry during this season.

Panoramic picture of the cove of Keri, with the cove of Laganas to the right in the background. Click here or into the picture for a larger version..

The island of Marathonissi. Itīs other name is "Turtle Island" due to its shape like a turtle. Additionally, there also are turtle nests on the beach to the left.

I drive to the end of the road at Marathias and walkj down a short, but steep and stony path to a small gravel beach lined with picturesque rocks.

Rocks at the gravel beach at Marathias. Click here or into the picture for a larger version

Rocks at the gravel beach at Marathias. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Two more pictures of the rocks. To cool down, I take a bath here, and being alone at the moment, I need not soak the bathing trunks.

At the other side, the rocks are overhanging.

Marathonissi island in the background.

Now, I drive further to the mountains at the west coast, ...

 ... to the narrow rock cove of Limnionas.

On the rock plateau (behind me) is a taverna, where you can sit with a view to the open sea. The cove isnīt a beach, but the crystal clear water is a strong invitation for a swim.

In fact, it is a small, narrow valley filled with water (fjord)

The west coast with the view over the ionian sea.

On the way back, there is a fine view over the cove of Laganas from near the road.

I drive along a short side road leading to a gravel quarry to get an excellent view over the fertile lowlands of the island, to its right ending in the cove of Laganas (like a miniature version of the Italian Po plain ending in the Adriatic sea) Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Zooming in on he cove of Laganas, at the far end of the beach on the foothills of the mountains the village of Kalamaki.

Zakynthos Town in the distance.

Zakynthos international airport, in todayīs uncommonly clear air, even visible from here, the continental Peloponnes with Chlemoutsi castle.

One more panorama, this time from another place along the road. Now the whole plain is visible even to its left (Northern) side. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Zooming in on Marathonissi. From this perspective, the sand beach can be seen much better.

Once more the cove of Laganas.

Evening in Zakynthos Town: The last sun rays on the Campanile ...

 ... and the harbour.

In the pedestrian area ...

 ... and in the harbour.

One of the excursion boats..