Wölzer Tauern 17. + 18. August 2004

17. August. After three hours we drive up to Greimhütte (1.649 m), there starting to Greim (2.474 m) at about 12.30 p.m..

View back to Greimhütte (right) and further in direction of Mur valley from the steep ascen to Greim

Arnica (Arnica montana) flourishes near the path

The mist takes us at about 2.000 m, and the summit is dull. Only a short clear interval during our summit rest.

After a night in a farmer´s guest  room next day we drive to hind Pöllau valley and Neunkirchner Hütte (1.535 m). We start at 7.30 to climb Schoberspitze (2.423 m),
followed by a counter-clockwise loop  around that mountain.

Yesterday´s summit is now complete clear. From left to right Greim, Bettelkirchspitze (2.475 m) and  Hochstubofen (2.3785 m).
Click on the image for better resolution

Weißzüngel - Orchid (Pseudorchis albida, Leucorchis albida)

"Bearded" bell flower (Campanula barbata, Albino)

View to Melleck (2.365 m)  and Krautwasch (2.360m)

On the sharp ridge to Schoberspitze in about 2.200 m height in this exposed location Niederes Seifenkraut (saponaria pumila) flourishes

View in direction south. To the far left Grünsee ("green tarn"), to right in the background Greim. In the centre the south ridge of Schoberspitze.
Nockberge on the horizon

"Bearded" bell flower (Campanula barbata), this time regularly in blue.

Krainer ragwort (Senecio incanus subsp. carniolicus)

On summit of Schoberspitze (2.423 m)

Summit panorama of Schoberspitze - click on the image for better resolution.

Quirlblättriges Läusekraut (pedicularis verticillata) on the summit

"Moss" - saxifrage (Saxifraga bryoides) on summit

Arnica montana

We now descend from the summit and turn to the left, to walk a great loop around the mountain.
Superb meadows with flowers down to Grünsee

"Dotted" gentian (Gentiana punctata)

White hellebore (Veratrum album)

Scheuchzers bell flower (Campanula Scheuchzeri)

Snow even in August ...

Valerian spikenard (Valeriana celtica)

Bitter cress  - Mayflower (Cardamine pratensis)

"Gestutztes" Lousewort (Pedicularis recutita)

Nameless cascade on the escarpment to the cirque

rusty-leaved alpine rose (Rhododendron ferrugineum)

One of the nameless small puddles near Grünsee

Another puddle with ample growing cotton grass (Eriophorum Scheuchzeri)

View to  Kegeleck and Gstoder (2.318)

Western Marsh orchid (Dactylorhiza majalis)

Once more cotton grass near one of the "drei Seen" ("three tarns")

The lowest of the "three tarns" with view to Stangeneck (2.291 m) and Bernkadlereck (2.262 m)

Niederes Seifenkraut (saponaria pumila)

Feltwort (Swertia perennis)

Schoberspitze, "our mountain", at 1 p.m., after about one third of our loop, seen from the north side.

Zagel lake

View over Enns valley to Grimming (about 2.350 m) and Totes Gebirge, much brighter coloured due to different rock
composition (limestone)

Yellow aconite (aconitum lycoctonum)

"Grey" Alpendost (Adenostyles alliariae)

Frog orchid (Coeloglossum viride)

Alpine ragwort (senecio subalpinus)

Blue aconite (aconitum napellus)

Small cascade at the ascent to Idlereck saddle (2.144 m)

"Glutinous" primrose (primula glutinosa)

Short way beneath the Idlereck saddle. View to Idlereck (2.200 m)

Descending from Idlereck saddle: View on Funkl lake, on the skyline Bettelkirchspitze (2.475 m) and Hochstubofen (2.385 m).
It is already after 6.00 p.m.

Funkl lake, already in evening light

Once more some flowers

On further descent, Bettelkirchspitze and Hochstubofen gradually disappear.

Alpine goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea subsp. minuta)

Arnica in last evening sunlight, before shadows arise.

A last view on Greim

Last sunbeams on the forest above Neunkirchner Hütte. We arrive there really exhausted at 7.00 p.m. after 11 1/2 hours walk
with about 1.800 m (5.900 ft) ascent