Weissensee 10.+11.2.2008

What should have been a combined cross country and Alpine skiing and ice skating holiday was abrupted on the second day due to the bad accident of my daughter Klara when she was entering the ski lift. She had to be operated in the hospital.

View from the balcony of our hotel room over the eastern part of Weißensee, closed to the public this year due to ice being much too thin.

Walking to the deeply frozen western part of the lake

Techendorf´s church. Here we entered the ice.

Some ice-free areas near the shore - here we entered the ice last year ...

Kreuzeck - group behind the Drau valley, which is about 500 m deeper in between.

Behind the forested ridge is the deep Drau valley, the mountains of the Kreuzeck group behind are more than 2.700 m high (Weissensee is on about 930 m above sea level)

Reed ...

The ski slopes of Naggleralm

11.2.: This time with skating shoes for a round of the western part, about 4,5 km.

Once more a view to the Kreuzeck group

View over most of the lake in eastern direction, only the easternmost foot of the lake is hidden behind the ridge to the left.

Wonderfully smooth ice this year.