Vineyards 23.10.2019

In the morning, it is misty. later on, the mist disappears and the sun comnes out. I start for a walk through the vineyards, with Lucy and Bella.

Autumnal colours are getting better. 

I did not realize, that the mist only lifted from Winzendorf; Weikersdorf and the rest of the "stonefield" are still covered.

This makes for a wonderful light mood, which I have to give an extended watch.

Vineyard panorama near the outskirts of Winzendorf. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Last flowers.

Wonderful yellow trees.

The mist stays persistent.

Lucy and Bella stay close to me all the time.

Vineyard panorama, in the background Weikersdorf, half beneath the mist. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Wonderful autumn colours in the forest.

In some vineyards the soil is treated ... 

 ... whereas others are still overgrown.

Mist covering Bad Fischau and Wiener Neustadt.

I branch off to the Brunntal - with bushes and grassland in between.

The view to Winzendorf shows the mist even more scenic.

In Weikersdorf ...

... the mist is starting.

The mist now draws a bit up to Winzendorf.

Some types of vine are getting red leaves instead of yellow ones.

The road to Bad Fischau/Brunn

The road between vineyards to Bad Fischau/Brunn.

Lucy and Bella

A few wisps of mist are drawing up till Winzendorf.