A Morning in the Vineyard - 20.10.2013

Yesterday, we did a short bicycle ride to Weikersdorf with Klara. Passing by the vineyards, I discovered this year´s lovely autumn colors of the vine. So, my alarm clock rang at 6:45 on today´s Sunday, and at 7 a.m. I was at the vineyards at the outskirts of Winzendorf waiting for the sunrise.

The full moon is setting behind Schlossberg.

Ground fog over the southern Vienna´s plain, but not reaching up to here.

The last houses of Winzendorf

The sun makes its appearance, at first as a blood-red disk inside the mist ...

 ... at times a bit disappearing, ...

 ... but it is much lighter now than before.

More and more, the sun makes its way through the mist.

Looking up it is much lighter.

Wiener Neustadt should be visible in this direction ...


The view up to Engelsberg.

The sun is now a bit higher and enlightens the fog from above.

The mountains of the Wechsel in the distance.


Mitterberg in the background to the right

The windows of this house are reflecting the sun, the bursts are made visible by the uppermost layers of the mist.

The mist now rises a bit, before it completely dissolves. Time for me to get home for a comfortable breakfast.