Saubersdorf fields and Vineyards 26./27./29.12.2020

Dog walks to the Frauen beck and the fields, as well as a long vineyard walk.

26.12.: Frauen beck

View to the Prosset gorge and to Hohe Wand

Puddles in the fields.

27.12.: Schneeberg with an "icing on the cake".

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

29.12.: Longer walk, always along the upper end of the vineyards till Bad Fischau/Brunn, back from there along the fields and the aqueduct dam.

Brunntal ("well dale")

View from the Brunntal to Wiener Neustadt.

Vineyard renewal ...

Bad Fischau and Wr. Neustadt

Once more clouds hanging on the Wechsel mountains, the associated mediterranean Low, which has brought another 70 cm of new snow to Carinthia, is slowing down its pace here.

Not very well maintained vineyard, so wild clamatis can grow exuberantly.

View to Weikersdorf.

I come down at the crossing of the Brunntal road from the vineyard road.

Another short detour to the iris meadow.

View form the iris meadow to Winzendorf and the Hochwechsel region.

Inside the forest, on my further walk I discover a very small, disused quarry, now completely overgrown by forest.

It only can be identified by the small plateau in the slope ...

 ... and the low rocky escarpents behind. 

Shortly before Brunn.

Hochwechsel and Semmering inside the clouds now. Down here, we get a light foen weather situation.

Back via the fields ...



The predominant conglomerate rocks are worn not equally in all places, rocky islands remaining with large rocky slabs keeping the pine roots from growing down, so, following the route of the roots, the trees shape themselves like umbrellas ("umbrella pine"). Thank you very much to Günther Weixelberger for explanation.

Back at the outskirts of Winzendorf, view to Wiener Neustadt.